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Our Team


Josh Bowman, DC

My family and I just recently moved to Traverse City in December 2021 after spending 13 years living and working as a chiropractor in The Netherlands where I built up a successful team and practice and enjoyed the experience of living abroad.  The decision to move to Traverse City was an easy one.  We were taken away by the combination of the pure Michigan nature with the down to earth, friendly people in the area.

As a family we love spending time outdoors hiking, biking, kayaking or gardening.  But tips for new TC residents are always very welcome!


As a chiropractor with 13 years of experience in a busy practice I have treated and helped people from all walks of life from newborns, pregnant or postpartum mothers, 99-year-old patients to professional athletes.  I feel blessed with the opportunity to be able to help people achieve improved bodily function so they can reach their maximum potential.  I am still very passionate about the results that I have seen with chiropractic care.  Making a difference in someone’s life feeds my desire to continue to grow as a professional.


I look forward to being a positive impact on the Traverse City Community.


Michael Mahn, Massage Therapist

Michael realized the power of massage therapy after a traumatic car accident.  Conventional medicine only offered drugs with a lot of side effects and without much improvement to his quality of life.  When he tried massage, it reduced his pain, lowered anxiety and allowed him to sleep and function.  He knew he wanted to learn he skills to help other people in the same way. 


After growing up in Northern Ontario and the Upper Peninsula, he has since lived in Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Tampa and Denver before arriving in Traverse City.  This father of three loves spending time with his family, especially exploring the outdoors while hiking, camping, biking and traveling.


Hilde Bowman, Practice Manager

Hilde moved in to Traverse City with her family in December 2021. Born and raised in the Netherlands, her and Dr. Josh and their son Jace decided it was time for an adventure. Hilde loves being outdoors and being in the nature, she enjoys good food and a glass of wine.

Being new to Traverse City, any tips are welcome on a good restaurant or must visit.


Hilde will be working behind the front desk and will handle some of the administrative tasks.

I am looking forward seeing you in our practice and getting to know you!

Miah Alpers , Front Desk Manager

Miah is a Traverse City native.

She has recently finished her bachelors in Business Administration degree with honors and has joined the focus chiropractic team. Miah is the first point of contact in the practice. She is happy to help and answer any questions you might have about insurance, chiropractic care, and the other services we offer.


Miah enjoys the outdoors and walks with her dog Fletcher.

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