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chiropractic and babies
Like adults, babies may experience discomfort in their early lives. Because your baby cannot indicate where the discomfort is, it is expressed in other ways. This brings a lot of turmoil to family life. Parents are often at their wit's end. Chiropractic treatment can offer a solution.

Do you recognize this in your baby?

crying (during the day, at night, while feeding, in a specific position);
clenched fists;
spitting up/reflux;
easily startled;
overstretching of the back;
restless sleeping;
reaching for the ears or back of the head;
poor tolerance of food.
Why is your baby not feeling well?

Childbirth is often the cause of symptoms.
Problems in babies can often be traced back to childbirth. During childbirth, the head rotates strongly as it passes through the birth canal. This is normal. However, neck joints are overstretched when the rotation is too strong, and ligaments and muscles are stretched a bit more. This leads to abnormal nerve stimulation, which can cause your baby to experience symptoms.

The proper functioning of the (upper neck) joints is crucial for the posture and motor development of newborn babies. These joints are also important for proper sucking and swallowing reflexes in the first months.

A chiropractor treats:

excessive crying (crying babies); *
intestinal cramps;
spitting up/reflux;
sleep problems;
the asymmetrical shape of the head;
preferred posture and crookedness;
uneven movement;
foot misalignment;
kiss syndrome; **
* Crying babies cry at least three hours a day, more than three days a week, and for more than three weeks in a row. Crying babies usually cry in the late afternoon or evening.

** Kiss syndrome stands for: Head Joints Influence Disturbances in Symmetry. This means that disturbances in a child's symmetrical development can occur due to blockages of the upper neck joints.

Gentle treatment, especially for babies
The treatment of babies is not comparable to the treatment of adults. Chiropractic treatment for babies consists of gentle pressure techniques and mobilization techniques to relieve pressure from a particular vertebra. Babies generally respond quickly to treatments. You can also start early; even a week-old baby can be treated by a chiropractor. There is no reason to wait since extremely gentle techniques are used.

Safe for babies
Research has shown that chiropractic treatment of babies is safe. The techniques used are very gentle. Articles occasionally appear in the media questioning the safety of manipulative treatment of cervical vertebrae in babies. However, the pressure on the vertebrae during chiropractic treatment is nothing compared to the forces on the vertebrae during the normal birthing process. There is absolutely no "cracking" of cervical vertebrae in babies!

If your baby is feeling poorly and you feel that there is more going on than the usual complaints of a newborn baby, consult with a chiropractor. Many complaints can be treated, and babies generally respond quickly to treatment.

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