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Chiropractics & pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may experience back or pelvic pain. You experience pain around the tailbone, pubic bone or radiating pain to the legs when you sit and walk; over time, you also experience pain when you lie down.

Hormone changes are the cause of your symptoms.
These symptoms occur because your muscles and ligaments stretch more due to all the hormone changes. Your spine and pelvis are less stable. Also, the body's point of gravity shifts, putting more pressure on the spine and intervertebral discs. Chiropractic care can provide relief. Even if you have a fat belly, the chiropractor can treat you well, even up to just before the due date. The treatments are safe for the unborn baby.

A chiropractor treats:

pelvic instability;
sciatica, herniated discs;
back pain, hip pain, groin pain;
neck pain;
muscle spasm.

Chiropractors correct the musculoskeletal abnormalities that have occurred, creating an optimal range of motion of the pelvis and spine. The pain symptoms are reduced. Because chiropractic has such an effect on the functioning of the nervous system, chiropractic can also provide relief in other areas, such as extreme nausea. As a result, your pregnancy is less stressful, and your unborn baby can develop optimally.

The benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women


promotes optimal space for the unborn baby's development through a symmetrical position of the pelvis;
reduces back, neck, and joint pain;
increases the likelihood of the baby being positioned correctly;
It is a good preparation for smooth delivery.

Special treatment techniques for pregnant women
Chiropractors use special techniques with pregnant women. This allows you to be treated even up to the last day of pregnancy. Most chiropractic treatment tables can be adjusted to suit pregnant women. You will also be given exercises that you can do at home. For example, the chiropractor can guide you in exercising the pelvic floor muscles to prevent pregnancy incontinence. Some chiropractors have taken additional continuing education to treat pregnant women.

If you are pregnant and experiencing symptoms, chiropractic care can ease your pregnancy. You can even undergo treatment up to just before your due date. Chiropractic care allows your unborn baby to develop optimally and prepares you well for a speedy delivery.

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