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What we treat 

 At our practice we try to look at the body as a whole and can treat various health problems. Curious how we could help to make you feel better?

take a look at the list down below.

animated person with backpain

Back pain

Back pain is widespread.

Almost everyone suffers from back pain at one time or another. Unfortunately, the perception still exists that most back pain goes away spontaneously within two weeks. But the symptoms often remain present or go away for a while only to return. To prevent recovery from becoming a long and arduous process, it is important to consult a chiropractor in time.

animated  side view of person with neckpain

Neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain, it can significantly affect your ability to function at home or work. Neck pain is a very common complaint. Up to 70% of the population is estimated to suffer from it. If your symptoms do not improve on their own, chiropractic care can help.

animated  person with headache


Everyone suffers from it from time to time, headaches. 20% of people suffer from headaches every week. This makes headaches one of the most common complaints. You can suffer from different types of headaches. The most common are tension headaches and migraine. In addition, you may suffer from cluster headaches, hormonal headaches, or facial pain. Do you also suffer from frequent headaches? The chiropractor specifically treats your tension headaches and migraines.

annimated person with shoulder problems

Shoulder pain

We need our shoulders daily. Shoulder problems can be very hampering and affect your daily activities. In many cases, the diagnosis of bursitis or tendinitis is made. Anti-inflammatories and injections usually have only a limited and temporary effect. One of the things the chiropractor will do with shoulder problems is a careful movement examination to determine the cause of the complaints.

animated person with Hip pain

Hip pain

Hip complaints can occur at any age. Sometimes it is unclear at first whether the hip causes complaints or whether there is another source. By applying special techniques, your chiropractor can help you with stiffness and muscle tension in the hip. These techniques target the area's hip joint, pelvic joint, low back, and other muscles in the area. The treatments allow you to move more quickly and will reduce pain.

annimation of a vertabrea

Sciatica & Hernia

Sciatica is a radiating nerve pain in the buttock and/or leg.

A herniated disc (in full: Hernia Nucleus Pulposus, HNP) is a bulging of an intervertebral disc. This bulge presses on a nerve, causing pain in the leg, possibly with symptoms of nerve failure (numbness, loss of strength).


When you first come to the chiropractor, the chiropractor will first ask you questions about your symptoms and do an examination to determine the cause of your problems. You will always be explained the findings, and treatment can be started with your approval.

annimation of leg with arthritis


Osteoarthritis, known as wear and tear, is a joint disorder in which cartilage quality deteriorates. It is part of a normal aging process and therefore occurs in everyone to a greater or lesser extent. Like many other people diagnosed with osteoarthritis, you may think you can do nothing about it. Fortunately, this is only partially true. Although the wear and tear process cannot be reversed, chiropractic treatment can often reduce pain and stiffness.

sport articles

Sport's Injuries

Playing sports is a complex motor task. Strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility are examples of factors that are important to the athlete.

Since our bodies are made to move, exercise is necessary to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Often over the years, overuse occurs slowly as we begin to move differently than we should.

animation of a mother and child

Chiropractics & pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may experience back or pelvic pain. You experience pain around the tailbone, pubic bone or radiating pain to the legs when you sit and walk; over time, you also experience pain when you lie down.

Chiropractors correct the musculoskeletal abnormalities that have occurred, creating an optimal range of motion of the pelvis and spine. The pain symptoms are reduced. Because chiropractic has such an effect on the functioning of the nervous system, chiropractic can also provide relief in other areas, such as extreme nausea. As a result, your pregnancy is less stressful, and your unborn baby can develop optimally.

animated face of a baby


Like adults, babies may experience discomfort in their early lives. Because your baby cannot indicate where the discomfort is, it is expressed in other ways. This brings a lot of turmoil to family life. Parents are often at their wit's end. Chiropractic treatment can offer a solution.

animation of a boy and a girl


Chiropractic and Children. While growing up, children may develop physical complaints from running, falling, or carrying a heavy school bag. Usually, children recover quickly, but if a complaint persists, then you should take it seriously, and a chiropractor can help your child. Practical experience shows that children often recover faster than adults; after only a few treatments, there is already improvement.

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