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Hip Pain

Hip complaints can occur at any age. Sometimes it is unclear at first whether the hip causes complaints or whether there is another source. For example, complaints from the hip joint are usually felt in the groin or radiate to the knee. Complaints in the buttock, pain on one side of the lower back, outside of the hip, and near the pubic bone are also often attributed to the hip. Usually, however, this is incorrect, and the cause of these complaints stems from pelvic joint problems (SI joint). So it is essential to find out if you have hip pain and what chiropractic care can do for you. Through a detailed conversation about your symptoms and a comprehensive physical examination, your chiropractor will try to determine the cause of your pain and discuss treatment options with you.

Osteoarthritis or wear and tear of the hip
One of the causes of hip pain is osteoarthritis (wear and tear). The cause of osteoarthritis is often unknown and is usually a process of years. Many people think nothing can be done about it, but this is only partially true. Indeed, the wear and tear cannot be reversed, but often there are ways to reduce the pain and possibly postpone surgery. Moreover, osteoarthritis does not always have to cause pain. When osteoarthritis does cause problems, it is often accompanied by pain and stiffness in the hip. This can lead to an altered gait pattern resulting in a lot of tension in the muscles in the area. By addressing these problems, it is indeed possible to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Treatment of complaints due to osteoarthritis of the hip
By applying special techniques, your chiropractor can help you with stiffness and muscle tension in the hip. These techniques target the area's hip joint, pelvic joint, low back, and other muscles in the area. The treatments allow you to move more quickly and will reduce pain. With advanced osteoarthritis, chiropractic treatments may no longer relieve the pain. Your chiropractor will then refer you to your primary care physician for an X-ray and to discuss your alternative options.

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