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Sport's Injuries

Playing sports is a complex motor task. Strength, coordination, agility, and flexibility are examples of factors that are important to the athlete.

Since our bodies are made to move, exercise is necessary to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Often over the years, overuse occurs slowly as we begin to move differently than we should. Think of an Achilles tendon irritation, recurring muscle strains, or soccer players' hamstring injuries that keep recurring. In these types of persistent problems, the sore is usually just compensation, and the actual cause lies elsewhere in the musculoskeletal system. 

The chiropractor treats:

back pain (during or after sports);
neck pain;
recurring tendon irritations;
joint strains.
Groin problems.

Weak links in the body
Every body has weak links, including the body of an athlete. The chiropractor is extremely capable of looking for the weak link(s) in your musculoskeletal system. In this way, not only is the place where the pain is located but also what causes the pain.

Using a combination of techniques
Based on the examination, the chiropractor will determine which treatment techniques will be used to address the cause of the complaint. In most cases, treatment techniques aimed at improving the functioning of the muscles and joints will be chosen. Usually, this is supplemented with specific exercises and advice regarding the 'do's and don'ts' of correct training and injury prevention.

Benefits of chiropractic treatment for sports injuries:

treatment of the cause of the complaint, not just the symptom;
not only looking at the muscles but also at the function of joints;
a complete approach that also pays much attention to prevention.
The chiropractor can treat many sports injuries with various techniques. Not only is the symptom treated, but also the cause. The chiropractor helps you to move well again, so your body can function optimally and have less risk of injuries during sports.

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