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Chiropractic and Children
While growing up, children may develop physical complaints from running, falling, or carrying a heavy school bag. Usually, children recover quickly, but if a complaint persists, then you should take it seriously, and a chiropractor can help your child. Practical experience shows that children often recover faster than adults; after only a few treatments, there is already improvement.

Causes of your child's complaints

Children are often reckless: they run, fall, and get up again. Not always without consequences.
Research shows that carrying heavy school bags and poor posture in class is at the root of all kinds of complaints.
Your child has a congenital position deviation of the foot, pelvis, or spine.
Your child used to be a crying baby.
Misalignment due to any of the above causes affects the lower back, ankle, knee, hip, upper back, and neck. If this persists for a long time, vertebrae and other joints become jammed. These blockages can give rise to (pain) symptom

A chiropractor treats, among other things:

back and neck pain
shoulder complaints
complaints associated with scoliosis
Positive effects have also been reported in:

ear infection*
ADHD/autism *
bedwetting *
*only if the chiropractor has taken special continuing education for this purpose. Ask your chiropractor about his or her experiences with this.

Appropriate gentle treatment
The chiropractor treats your child with age-appropriate gentle techniques. The treatment is not painful, and the chiropractor clearly explains why what is happening. Chiropractic treatment aims to improve the spine's mobility and restore function. The chiropractor will also advise on proper posture and possibly provide exercises for at home that will keep your child's spine healthy. Sometimes it can be helpful to have the spine checked once every six months or every full year.

Resolving complaints at an early age stimulates your child's development and reduces the likelihood of similar complaints in the future.

The benefits for your child

Chiropractic care:

promotes plasticity of the brain and therefore improves development
optimizes the function of the nervous system
Supports the formation of normal curvatures in the spine. These curvatures are necessary for movement, balance, shock absorption, straight posture, and protection of softer structures
promotes correct posture of the spine
reduces possible pain

Safe for children
Children may need chiropractic treatment for a variety of reasons. They often recover faster than adults, and there is usually improvement after only a few treatments. The techniques used are extremely safe because the treatment methods are adapted to your child's age, and your child is extensively examined before treatment. If the chiropractor encounters something that is not in his area of expertise, he will not treat it but refer your child to the relevant specialist.

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